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Essential Oil Lifestyle

Reclaim your health, the power of nature - a doTERRA Experience

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Are you looking for ways to move away from chemicals in your home and body products AND want to support company with integrity and passion. I have spent well over twenty-five years using natural health products and I TRUST and LOVE doTERRA products. You will experience all things doTERRA during any of my Exclusive Services.


You can use my link to purchase doTERRA at 25% OFF. You can choose an oil or oils and products bundled at a reduced price.


This link will also give you your own FREE wholesale account, which gives you a full year of purchasing doTERRA at wholesale prices with no monthly minimums.


This Month's Top Deals

Don’t miss out on the exciting deals and promotions doTERRA has every month! Stay in the know about fun new products, creative diffuser blend ideas, and more. When you take advantage of doTERRA’s monthly deals, you can get FREE products and discounts, and save money on your favorite essential oils.


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Make a Thoughtful Choice

From the beginning, it was clear that doTERRA had embarked on a journey that was bigger than essential oils. Through pure business practices and our focus on wellness and philanthropy, our company is uniquely designed for social impact and personal empowerment for all.

We founded doTERRA with the bold commitment to sell only 100% pure essential oils. Our pursuit of purity not only benefits the lives of our customers when they receive the full, unadulterated benefits of the plant, it also ensures that every life we touch along the way is also enriched—from source to you.

We are a company founded on personal 

empowerment. Our business model, sourcing strategy, and humanitarian efforts are designed to give people and communities the resources and tools to be


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